MCDF Rewards & Luminary Loyalty Club

Welcome to MCDF Rewards!

MCDF Rewards are a great way to earn points for tasks you already complete as a member or package holder, with some additional incentives to help make your journey even more spectacular. 

Rewards Points are earned for taking classes and other fun tasks during your membership period. For a list of how to earn points, what can you get with point and the form to redeem points, scroll through the webpage. 

*Please Note: MCDF Accounts must remain active to be eligible for rewards points. In the event a membership/package expires and is not renewed prior to expiration, any remaining rewards points will expire with the package or membership. 

How to Earn Points


What can I get with my points?



Click the link below to be directed to the Rewards Redemption Form. 


When are my points added to my account? 

Rewards Trackers are updated monthly.  

Points added for purchases are given on the date of purchase. 

You will receive an email update monthly with your tracker link. You can check your tracker link at any time for updates.

Is there an expiration date on points earned?

Yes. Both points and unused prizes expire. Points are eligible for redemption up to 4 months from the date they are earned, while you are a member of MCDF. (You must maintain an active account. Any gaps in membership or packages will result in a wipe out of points earned.) 

Once points are redeemed, you will have 30 days to use the coupon code or voucher for the reward redeemed. (30 days for Single Private Lessons & 90 days for Private Bundles). If points are redeemed for a full price service, those prize(s) are automatically added into your MCDF account for use, and are subject to the service expiration policy (i.e. redeeming points for a private lesson. The lesson is automatically added to your account for scheduling, and needs to be used within the time period given for the service).

Please Note: Rewards program will only remain active if a member has an active membership or package. If a membership or package expires without renewal, the awards points accumulated, if any will be released. 

How do I redeem my points? 

Visit: and complete the redeem my points form. 

You will receive a receipt via email with your rewards cash out information.

One Discount is allowed per purchase. 

MCDF Bux Credits - Can be redeemed one per purchase. MCDF Bux can not be stacked. 

MCDF Discount Credits (Ex: $10 Off a package/tuition purchased in studio), can be used one discount per purchase

MCDF Bucks and/or discount credits cannot be combined with any other discounts*

*If a Package or Membership is on sale, you can use an earned discount pass or MCDF Bux Credit. However, one discount is allowed per purchase.

Rewards credits or discounts can not be combined with PA or membership perk discounts, prize passes/credits.

If requesting MCDF Bux to use towards a tuition invoice:

Split Payment Plans - you must make your request 30 days prior to your payment 2 due date, as all split payment invoices are generated 30 days prior to the due date. 

6 Payment Plans -  you must request prior to the first of each month, when tuition invoices are generated. 

Once an invoice is generated, we will be unable to edit. 

We appreciate you points - You’ve done something great for the studio, and we would like to say THANK YOU! Added as earned: Helping at a promotion or event - Made something creative - Gone the extra mile for another student, instructor or studio - Anything else we decide to reward you for

*Point value will vary based on activity.

You Rock Points - You’ve done something awesome!

*Point value will vary based on activity.

Referral Points - are added within 24 hours of referral booking.

How do I get credit for a Review?

Email a screenshot of your completed review to: Ensure to include the platform the review was left. (ie: facebook, google, website) 

Where do I leave my review?

Click Here to leave a Facebook Review

Click Here to leave a Website Testimonial

To leave a google review: Search Mill City Dance Fitness - our google business ad should come up. You will see "leave a review" right below the phone number. 

How do I refer a friend?

Have them notify us at the time of booking (When they contact to create an account). If a referral forgets to let us know when they book, simply have them email us asap, and we will ensure the referral will be marked appropriately. If you feel you did not receive credit for a given referral, email 

How do we know if we received a We appreciate you or Prize points?

You can find any additions on your personal rewards tracker. If you do not have the link. Email us and we will send it to you!

If you have any questions that are not listed above, contact: 

MCDF Luminary Club - Our Loyalty Program

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