MCDF Pole Academy Workshop


Pole Academy is M.C.D.F's Signature structured workshop, that has 2 focus sessions each week, where students will explore and build their Strength, Flexibility and confidence while learning tricks, transitions and technique through out our Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced Pole Levels. 

Classes included: Pole Fit, Pole Dance, Fluidity,  Body Awareness, Strength & Flexibility, Flexibility, Adult Acro,  All Bonus Sessions, Cirque Conditioning, Aerial Conditioning, Chair Dance, Burlesque, Get Sexy Dance Fitness, Aerial Yoga & Aerial Hammock.
Focus Sessions consist of 1 Pole Fit & 1 Specialty session each week. 
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Master Classes, & Workshops are Not Included in the Pole Academy Workshop


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Pole Academy Perks & Policies

Pole Academy Policies & Perks

Pole Academy Perks:

You will receive these benefits as long as your PA Membership Perks are active!

  • Early Access to our schedule, prior to it being released to other members/public.
  • Free access to select studio series & workshops - They are marked and an announcement will be made
  • $5 Discount on Select Master Classes & Workshops
  • Special Contests & Prizes for Pole Academy students only
  • Missed Sessions: $15
  • 2 FREE Lyra Pass added each month
  • Open Practice is now included
  • 1 FREE 30 Minute Private Session Pass added when 4 weeks have been completed on time without make ups
  • 1 Semi Private Practice Pass added when 4 weeks completed on time without make ups
  • 30% Off Single Lyra Passes
  • 25% Off Single Private Session Passes - 15% OFF Private Session Bundles when available - Competition Bundles are not included,
  • 10% Off Daisy Mae Co. Merchandise - (This is our MCDF gear & other fabulous gifts)
  • 10% Off Virtual Courses
  • Detailed Progress Report each term
  • Completion gathering for all who complete the workshop

PA Perks are valid for the duration of your membership! 

Passes or perks that state 4 Weeks complete on time = The Focus Sessions were complete during the week they were assigned. If you have to make the session up, you will not be eligible for the “4 weeks complete on time” perks for the 4 week period the missed session occured. 

Any questions regarding PA Member Perks, Email: 

For a complete list of studio policies, visit:

Master Classes & Workshops are Not Included in the Pole Academy Workshop. 2 Lyra Passes will be added to your account each month and valid for 30 days. 

Pole Academy Policies

​Payment Plan Terms: All monthly tuition payments are due no later than the due date on your contract. By Term is due on the date listed in your welcome letter. In the event tuition is not paid by the close of studio on the due date, a $15 late fee will be added. If not paid by the final date given,  a $100 early termination fee will be added to account, and your spot in the workshop will be forfeited. These fees can not be waived, and will automatically be added to your account, by our accounting software. Any tuition due prior to a workshop spot being released, along with the $100 early termination fee is the students responsibility and will be due immediately.   

Refunds/Drop Forms (Effective 1/1/19 - Any Early Contract Cancellation Requests from any committed membership will result in a $100 Eary Cancellation Fee. This is being updated from our current $25 Early Cancellation Fee. )

All Deposits, Tuition & Payments are Non- Refundable. If  you’re not satisfied or can no longer commit for any reason, you may request a drop form. Drop form must be requested by the 3rd of the month, to drop for the following month, and are subjected to a $100.00 Early Termination Fee.  Drop Forms must be completed and turned in by the 7th of the month to drop for the following month.  If submitted after the 7th of the month, you will be responsible for the following month in your contract, but will be dropped for the next month. (Ex: Drop form requested on 12/10 and rec'vd on 12/17, you will be responsible for the January payment, but dropped for the month of February.)  A credit will be issued for any unused payments minus the $100.00 Termination Fee, if any. Credits will not be issued for late payments or missed classes. If credit is given, it will be valid beginning the date the drop form was received and expire on the same date, originally issued.

If on a payment plan, student is responsible for all tuition payments/fees owed prior to drop form being received. Please note: We do not allow any drops after week 11, as it is too late to fill your spot in the workshop.  In the event you can no longer continue after week 11, you will still be responsible for the Term 2 payment(s) originally due in your contract. An MCDF Credit will apply.  

Cancellations/No Shows MCDF requires a 12 hour notice for all cancellations of reserved sessions. To cancel, You must cancel in Punchpass or email with the date, time & class that you are cancelling prior to the 12 hour mark.  Do not Text us your late cancellations. Email or call only, to ensure the cancellation is received. 

In the event you do not give a 12 hour notice, If you have a Bundle Pack in your account, Punchpass will remove a session in place of your missed session fee.  If you do not have a valid bundle, a Missed Session Fee will be added to your account. To pay a missed session fee, visit our Pricing page on our website.  The payment center is located   in the second row of the payment options. Missed Session Fees will now redeem private prize passes. (will not redeem practice or lyra prize passes) Once a prize pass is redeemed, you will not be able to pay the fee to reinstate the prize pass. Prize pass will redeem if missed session fee is unpaid after 24 hours.  

Late Cancels: $15 - No Show -$15

Missed Session Fees must be paid within 24 hours of the missed session. In the event a missed session fee is unpaid after 24 hours, all future reservations will be frozen in the schedule, any sessions scheduled for the next day will be released if not paid within 12 hours prior to the class. You will not be able to attend sessions with an active missed session fee. If missed session fees go unpaid for 48 hours, the amount due will be deducted from your current tuition and will effect your expiration date. In the event the membership is altered, you will have 24 hours to reinstate your membership (Missed Session Fees - plus a $15 administrative  fee for re-registering must be paid within 24 hours) or your spot in the workshop will be forfeited. In the event the spot is forfeited, you will receive a studio credit created from remaining tuition and the credit will be available to use for the remainder of that tuition period. ​ To pay a late fee, we have gone back to invoicing to ensure accounts stay up to date -  Invoices are emailed to addresses attached to your MCDF Account. 

Leave of Absence If you know you are going on vacation, or have a scheduled surgery etc. that will leave you out of class for 7 days consecutively, you must notify and give us a minimum of a 2 week notice, so we can put your focus sessions on hold and ensure there is at least one make up day scheduled. (Emergency situations are considered on an individual basis) With notice you will receive a minimum of 1 week extension from the focus session cut off date to make up missed sessions. In the event of a surgery or medical procedure, a medical note signed from your doctor is required to return to classes. Contact Jenni to make arrangements for make ups.  Without notice of a LOA, you will have to ensure focus sessions are made up on time in order to stay current with the workshop. LOA's are only available for Pole Academy students with valid medical notes or Vacations noted with a 2 week notice. Emergency situations are considered on an individual basis.  

Phones  Cell Phones are NOT permitted during class time, to avoid disruption. Please ensure cell phones are in your bags or cubbies. You will be allowed 10 minutes at the end of each class to play around and to take pics or videos. Free time is always announced by instructor. Please remember to be respectful to your class mates. Not everyone wants to be in pics and videos. In the event you have a child you can leave your ringer on while in your bag or cubby, and step away from class to answer it. No texting while in class. Following these policies will assist with everyone staying focused on the curriculum being taught and classes run smoothly.   

Student Conduct - Please always be respectful of your Instructors and fellow classmates. Bullying or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated at Mill City Dance Fitness. We reserve to cancel the membership without refund to anyone who consistently disrespects our policies, or participates in any type of disrespectful behavior.  

Focus Sessions There are 10 focus sessions assigned each month during the workshop.  It is mandatory that Pole Academy students take at least 2 sessions each week to remain current.   Each month there is a focus session make up cut off date. All focus sessions must be current on that date. In the event a student is behind on focus sessions at the time of the cut off date, their Pole Academy perks will be suspended until sessions are made up. Extensions will only be given if a vacation was documented within the policy guidelines.   

Missed/Make-Up Sessions There are Ten Pole Academy Sessions scheduled each month. These sessions are offered throughout each week. If you miss a scheduled session, you will have the opportunity to make it up in another session throughout the workshop. For safety reasons you must complete all scheduled sessions before progressing to the next level. Any scheduling issues contact Jenni to see if arrangements can be made.  

Late to Class We encourage all students to arrive on time. Sessions will start promptly at their scheduled time, where stretching & warm up will begin. All students must arrive in time to stretch. Any student who arrives late (after the warm up begins) will not be permitted to participate in that session, but will be responsible for the slot.  All students must follow the instructors warm up. For safety reasons, Any student found not following the warm up will not be permitted to participate in the class. If you would like to stretch on your own, please do so prior to attending the class, as you will still need to follow the instructors warm up to attend classes at MCDF.  Any issues contact Jenni. If you are late because of traffic or parking, (it's happened to all of us. Contact us. 508-933-5324.   

What to Wear Pole Dance & Fitness requires friction between skin and the pole. So the more exposed skin, the better. We recommend Shorts and a Tank Top (Dress in Layers)   

Footwear We recommend all students to participate bare foot. Socks, Leg Warmers or light sneakers may be worn. Heels and Boots are allowed in marked classes only.  

PLEASE DO NOT WEAR ANY LOTION OR CREAMS THE DAY OF YOUR POLE SESSION, LESSON OR WORKSHOP!! It HAS Stripped the finish off previous poles! You will not be able to grip the pole, and make it unsafe for others. To avoid being responsible for a replacement, Ensure Not to use lotions for any reason prior or during a Pole class with us.  ​ Please see our general policies regarding Any type of lotion on our poles at: 

The Following Grip Aids are Not allowed in studio: Itac, Itac 2. We prefer Dry Hands,Mighty Grip, Dew Point & Xdry. If you have a different grip aid you'd like to use, please contact us prior to application to ensure it is okay to use on our poles.   

PLEASE DO NOT WEAR JEWELRY TO ANY POLE SESSION. You will be asked to remove it and put it with your belongings in your cubby. Rings and Bracelets scratch the poles and necklaces well that is just not safe. Anyone who damages an apparatus with jewelry, lotion/cream, etc. will be responsible for replacing the damaged apparatus.   

Mill City Dance Fitness or it’s instructors are NOT responsible for lost items. If it is of importance to you, please leave it at home.  

List of Classes included in Pole Academy: Intro to Pole, Pole Fit, Pole Dance, Body Awareness, Fluidity, All Bonus Sessions, Strength & Flexibility, Flexibility, Cirque Conditioning, Pole Conditioning, Adult Acro, Not Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hammock, Chair Dance, Get Sexy in Stilettos Dance Fit, Buti Yoga & Buti Bands.


Master Classes, Aerial Hoop, Workshops, Series or Intensives are NOT included ​​