Mill City Dance Fitness Policies


Refund Policy

All Payments and Fees made to Mill City Dance Fitness are Non-Refundable & Non - Transferable. All Passes and Packages are non-transferable and can not be shared. 

Packages will not be extended for non use

Cancellation Policy

MCDF requires a 12 hour notice for all class cancellations. 24 hours for Private Lesson Cancellations. 

If required notice is given, the session pass will be returned to your account so that you may reschedule.  In the event of a Late Cancel or Now Show, the pass attached to the reservation will be redeemed, and you will not be able to reschedule that pass. 

Unlimited Members: will be charged $20 for Late Cancels, $20 for No Shows. 


to clear missed session fees.

To cancel a reservation, log into your MCDF Punchpass account. 

Single Session students and Youth members, must email cancellations to 

Late to Class Policy

Please Do Not be late. Our classes begin promptly at scheduled times, and require all student to participate in our full warm up.  

ALL STUDENTS MUST BE ON TIME AND COMPLETE THE FULL INSTRUCTED WARM UP.  Students more than 5 minutes late will not be able to join in and participate in the class and will result in a Missed Session. (It is not fair to the instructor or students to have to back track and lose time in the session.) If a session is missed, student is responsible for that class slot. See Cancellation policy above.

Studio Behavior Expectations, Cell Phone Use & Photos/Videos

We understand life can be crazy and people have children. However, we do not allow cell phones in the Pole/Aerial area during lessons. For privacy reasons, as well as to limit distraction, Photos and Videos are NOT allowed to be taken during class times. Students will be given an opportunity at the end of a class to take photos or videos of their progress.  If your phone rings and you need to answer it, you can do so in the reception area. Texting/Emailing is Not allowed in the Pole or Aerial areas. It is extremely disrespectful to your instructor and classmates. We have these policies in place to limit distraction and ensure our sessions run smoothly. Again, If needed, please step into the reception area. Failure to follow this policy will result in being asked to leave the class without refund.

Please always be respectful of your Instructors and fellow classmates. Bullying or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated at Mill City Dance Fitness. ​All students should come to class with a positive attitude, open mind and ready to train.   All MCDF Policies must be followed. 

Mill City Dance Fitness reserves the right to cancel any membership without refund if a student is not following our policies. 

M.C.D.F Reserves the right to cancel any membership without refund, if a student repeatedly does not comply with our Policies

Wait Lists

In the event any of our session slots become full, a wait list is created. 

(People cancel all the time and there is a great chance you'll be added!)

If you sign up for a wait list, you could be added to the class up to 1 hour prior.

How it works: When someone cancels and a slot opens, the wait list will be added to the class automatically, in the order the reservation was received.  (If you live close by and want to be contacted in the event of a No Show, contact us at the time of adding yourself to the wait list for that class.) If you can no longer attend a class that you have signed up for a wait list, you must cancel out of the wait list at least 12 hours prior to the class. If you are added and do not attend, your package will be charged for the session as an attendance. 

Unlimited members, see cancellation policy. 

**Please just cancel** :-)

If you are added you will receive an email from punchpass. (Ensure to check your emails regularly) - If you no longer can attend a class, 

What to wear/Proper Attire

For Pole: Please bring shorts with you. You can start the class warm up in leggings, but due skin to pole contact being essential for grip and safety reasons, please bring shorts for the Pole class. Any top is fine. Bring Socks for warm up. We're in a mill - Recommend dressing in layers! If your first class - leggings is fine, you will need shorts as you progress.

For Aerial Hammock, Yoga, Lyra & Acro: Leggings, any tight fitted long sleeve top.  Arm pits must be covered. No Loose Clothing & No Undergarments. Bring Socks & Sweatshirt for warm up. 

Footwear: We prefer all students participate barefoot (Definitely Bring socks). Heels are allowed with instructor approval. Bring Socks to All classes. 

Membership & Pole Academy Payment Plan/Contract Policies

Exact payment schedule will be determined on the date of registration.

Payments are due by the due date listed on the contract. If not paid by the due date a $20  late fee will be added to the invoice. Any reserved sessions will be released and account will be put on hold. If unpaid within 48 hours of the due date, the membership will be terminated for non payment. A $100 Early contract termination fee will be added to the invoice and due immediately. 

Once Tuition is paid, student may attend sessions during the paid membership period. If balance due is ignored, the invoice and account will be sent to collections.  If you do not receive an invoice, it is your responsibility to contact and ensure an additional invoice is sent.  

In the event the contract for a committed membership is canceled for any reason, the $100 Early Cancellation fee will be charged, and due immediately.

Additional Pole Academy Policies can be found HERE


No Spectators are allowed during any session. No exceptions.

If there are any issues regarding this policy, feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

Any questions, contact us: or 508-933-5324