What is MCDF Online Virtual Academy?

MCDF Online Virtual Academy is a way for you to begin or continue and invigorate your Pole, Flow, Flexibility, and Strength & Conditioning/Cross Training, no matter where you are. Each week our Online Mini Lessons & Live Lessons will breakdown fresh & easy to follow techniques to grow your strength, flexibility and quality of movement for all skill levels. We originally created this program for our out of state clients, however, this program  is also great for our members to maintain a balanced training schedule to assist with their future progress and success. 

Our courses are completed in our customized virtual classroom software. Each virtual student will have a custom log in and entrance key to each course in their account, for the duration of their membership. Pre-Recorded Mini Lessons can be viewed Live in  our Private Zoom Classroom or our Lesson Portal. 

Our Live Private Virtual Lessons can be viewed in  Zoom & Select Lessons from Youtube.

All Mini Lesson & Full Courses have their own virtual classroom, message & discussion boards and more, to optimize each members virtual journey!



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Private Virtual Lessons

30 Minute Private Virtual Lesson: $20

60 Minute Private Virtual Lesson: $40

Private Lessons are booked on an individual basis. To book, email:

If you have any questions, contact us: