Session Descriptions


Pole Sessions

MCDF Pole Sessions
Intro to Pole - This class is required for anyone who has never taken a pole class. In this class, you will learn strength building techniques, Basic Pole Grips, Spins, Floor work & a basic climb.

Pole Fit Level 1- This level will continue to focus on strengthening as well as flexibility. You will work on climbs, spins & to over all be able to move around the pole.

Pole Fit Level 2 - This level will test your strength! It's time to prep and get ready to invert! (go upside down), as well as more spins, climbs and floor work.

Pole Fit Level 3 -  In this level you will work on more intermediate Climbs, Spins, & learn Inversion Combos and Holds.

Pole Fit Level 4/5- Both levels gets more into your flexibility & control. You will learn advanced combos, holds, drops & spins. 

Pole Fit Open Level - This session is for any pole level. You will be instructed to work on moves in your particular level. (This is a structured Pole Session, not to be confused with an Open Pole Session)

​Pole Dance Open Level - This class incorporates all level choreography with pole flow, kicks, lifts, poses, spins & more. Students should take at least 2 Pole Fit sessions prior to signing up for Pole Dance, to ensure they are comfortable moving around the pole. 

Awareness Sessions
​Fluidity Pole Flow - Focusing on strengthening, conditioning and self awareness. This class will help you find your own flow, to be able to gracefully blend your walks, swoops, pirouettes,  spins & floor floor together.

Fluidity Combos - Focus remains on building your strength and awareness. You will learn new transitions as well as new movements that will test your flexibility while incorporating grace & control. You will focus on body alignment, music and quality of movement.

Body Awareness  - This session focuses on your inner you. It will teach you to feel comfortable in your own skin. We will explore our bodies and space using these techniques and also learn basic pole transitions, turns & pirouettes as well as floor, wall & chair work that will help you create your own routines/combos.

Low Flow & Floor work - This session focuses on keeping your on the pole movement low to the ground, while remaining fluid  incorporating on the pole tricks, transitions, with floor work, acro and flexibility.

Pole Conditioning - In this intense 60 minute session, students will improve their alignment while sculpting and creating lean muscle, a strong core and elegant posture. With this session, you will leave feeling Strong, Flexible and Energized.

Strength & Flexibility Sessions

Strength & Flexibility - In this session, be prepared to sweat! You will learn different Strengthening and Flexibility techniques using your body weight, the floor, the pole & Aerial Trapeze & Straps as well as incorporating an intense circuit. Sneakers required for this session.

Flexibility - This session has complete focus on stretching techniques that will allow you to safely start/continue progressing your flexibility journey through each level on and off the pole.

Adult Acro - This session works through On the floor & Aerial Acrobatic techniques. Adult acro provides physical and mental health benefits. In addition to the exercise and strength building aspects, the body balancing & flexibility training can improve concentration and the massage elements can provide stress relief. No experience is required. All students go at their own pace.

Aerial Yoga - This session focuses on building strength & flexibility through various yoga poses on the Aerial Hammock. - Suitable for all levels

Cirque/Aerial Conditioning - This session is very similar to our Strength & Flexibility class, while incorporating acrobatics with the Aerial Hammock, & Trapeze Straps.

Aerial Sessions

​Aerial Hammock - Aerial Hammock is a creative, challenging, yet beautiful art & fitness form that builds total body strength & flexibility. Through poses and transitions students build unparalleled upper body & core strength, coordination, kineasthetic awareness and best of all confidence, while creating sequences in the air!

Lyra/Aerial Hoop
Intro/Beginner - Students will learn various ways to get onto the Lyra, and work within the hoop circle, as well as learning how to dismount from the apparatus safely. Beginner sessions, the hoop is no more than 3' to ensure students are able to feel comfortable as they learn to maneuver within the apparatus.

Beginner/Intermediate - In this session students work through poses & transitions learned in the intro sessions a little higher off the ground,  in addition to working on more intermediate poses and working on top bar, when ready. 

MCDF Bonus Sessions

All of the Climbs & Climb & Pose - This session focuses on climbing the pole and creating shapes with posing. You will utilize the strength built & techniques learned in Pole Fit. This session uses both Static & Spin Poles.

Pole Dance or Fluidity Tell Me A Story - This session focuses on being able to tell a story through out your Pole Dance, utilizing choreography & musicality to help create your character.

Static/Spin - This session focuses on creating and maintaining momentum in stationary spins through out each Pole level. You will work through climbs, holds and combos learned in Pole Dance while adding some flair with a Spin Pole.

All things Inverted & Inverts  - This session is completely upside down! You will  focus on strength & Balance while working  through On the Floor & On the Pole Inversions & combos learned in Pole Fit.  On the Floor inversions include Headstands, Handstands & Forearm stands.

Floor work - This session focuses on over all movement on the floor. You will explore your body movement, flexibility and space available, as well as working on flow.

Heels 101- This class will take you through the basics of being able to dance on and off the pole in heels.

Additional Bonus Sessions Added Monthly - Check our schedule or up to date sessions & descriptions.​

Dance Sessions (Non Pole)

MCDF Dance Sessions (Non Pole)

​Chair Dance -  This session focuses on floor and wall work with a main focus on choreography with use of a chair.

Get Sexy Dance Fitness   - In this workshop we start off with a warm up and stretching. You will learn some Body Awareness techniques as well as Sexy Music Video Style Choreography! With this workshop you will gain a complete confidence boost, a great workout and a Sexy routine to take home. So grab your heels and Get Sexy!! (Heels are not required for any dance fitness sessions.)

Burlesque  -  Get your lipstick and come ready to learn a sexy Vegas inspired burlesque routine! This class starts off with a stretch & warm up the moving on to Sexy Choreography incorporating the floor, wall and some times chair!