MCDF Policies

All students must agree to these policies, prior to attending sessions at MCDF.

Refund Policy
All Payments and Fees made to Mill City Dance Fitness are Non-Refundable & Non - Transferable.
All Passes and Packages are non-transferable and can not be shared. Packages will not be extended for non use. 

Missed/Canceled/No Show Make Up Sessions
If you're unable to attend a scheduled session that you're registered for, we require that you contact us no later than 12 hours* prior to your scheduled class so we can open your slot to another student. In the event a 12 hour* notice is not given you will lose your class pass credit for that session.
If you have a current Single Session Pass, Bundle package, or Membership Package, ​a missed session will result in a used session in your package. Prize passes will not be redeemed for a missed sessions with the unlimited or Pole Academy Package. See policy below for those memberships.
This includes Late Cancels & No Shows. Please only sign up for classes you intend to attend.
If you know the night before you can not attend a reserved session, please cancel it asap. (Do not wait until 2am-4am to cancel, that causes conflict in our schedule and will result in an update of the policy to your specific account time from 12 to 24 hours.)
Pole Academy, Unlimited students, or Workshop Packages will receive a $15 missed session fee added to their account.  Missed sessions are due within 24 hours of missed session. If not paid within 24 hours any advanced reservations will be suspended. If unpaid within 24 hours, your reservations will be released. Fees must be paid prior to reserving/attending additional sessions. If missed session fees are ignored from Monthly package holders for 72 hours, (48 hours for Pole Academy students) the balance due will be removed from remaining package credit and will alter the package value and or expiration.
To pay a Missed Session fee, visit our Pricing & Packages page - Scroll to The Missed Session Payment center. 

Excessive No Shows & Late Fees (more than 1/month) will result in your account receiving a 2 week ban from advanced reservations. If a ban is in place the account will only be able to sign up within 24 hours of the class. In the event the no shows/late cancels continue, the account will be released for non compliance. See below.

We reserve the right to not allow advance reservations, for students who are Excessive with late Cancels and or No Shows.

*A 24 Hour notice is required for all One Hour Single Private Sessions & Lyra/Aerial Hoop. 24 Hours notice required for Pole Parties & Private Group Sessions.

**To cancel use the Cancel Reservation button located in your reservation confirmation. Any issues email

If a scheduled class has less than 3 sign ups, a class may be canceled or cut down to 40 Minutes. Students will be given at least a 12 hour a notice of any cancellation on our part and the class pass will be added back to the account.

Commitment Membership & Pole Academy Payment Contract Policies - Updated 4/1/18
 Exact payment schedule will be determined on the date of registration. 
Payments are due by the due date listed on the contract. If not paid by the due date a $15 late fee will be added to the invoice. If unpaid within 5 days of due date, the membership will be terminated for non payment. A $25 Early contract termination fee will be added to the invoice and due immediately. Once paid, student may attend sessions during the paid membership period. If balance due is ignored, the invoice and account will be sent to collections. 

Late to Class
Please Do Not be late. Our classes begin promptly at scheduled times, and require all student to participate in our full warm up. 
ALL STUDENTS MUST BE ON TIME AND COMPLETE THE FULL INSTRUCTED. WARM UP.  Students more than 5 minutes late will not be able to join in and participate in the class and will result in a Missed Session. (It is not fair to the instructor or students to have to back track and lose time in the session.)
If a session is missed, student is responsible for that class slot. See Missed Session Info above. We are very strict with this rule, and will not make any exceptions. This rule is listed here on the website, In the studio and in the confirmation email.  If a student that misses a session due to being late, but has another class scheduled immediately after, they may step out & come back for the next session or wait in our reception area

Cell Phones

We understand life can be crazy and people have children. However, we do not allow cell phones in the Pole/Aerial area during lessons. Photos and Videos are NOT allowed to be taken during class times. Students will be given an opportunity at the end of a class to take photos or videos of their progress.
To Limit distraction and having to back track; If your phone rings and you need to answer it, you can do so in the reception area. Texting is Not allowed during class times.
Failure to follow this policy will result in being asked to leave the class without refund.

M.C.D.F Reserves the right to cancel any membership without refund, if a student repeatedly does not comply with our Policies.

What to Wear
Pole Dance & Fitness requires friction between skin and the pole. So the more exposed skin, the better. We recommend Fitted Shorts and a Tank Top or sports bra (Dress in Layers) Short Sleeve Shirts and Yoga Pants/Capris may be worn, but please be advised you may not be able to complete some moves/tricks due to lack of friction. (NO LOOSE CLOTHING)

Acro & Fabrics: Please bring fitted leggings or capris as well as a short sleeve fitted shirt. All students will participate barefoot.

We recommend all students to participate in our Pole classes bare foot. Socks, Leg Warmers or light sneakers may be worn.

Lotion makes our apparatuses slippery and unsafe. We will not permit anyone wearing lotion in the pole area. If a student is found to have snuck in the Pole area with lotion on and causes any damage to the apparatuses, they will be responsible for any cleaning or replacement fees.

PLEASE DO NOT WEAR JEWELERY TO ANY POLE SESSION. You will be asked to remove it and put it with your belongings in your cubby. Jewelry scratches and causes damage to our apparatuses. Please leave it at home as if any damage is caused to an apparatus due to lotion or jewelry, the student will be held responsible for any replacement fees.

Mill City Dance Fitness or it’s instructors are NOT responsible for lost items. If it is of importance to you, please
leave it at home.

Student Conduct
Please always be respectful of your Instructors and fellow classmates.
Bullying or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated at Mill City Dance Fitness.
​All students should come to class with a positive attitude, open mind and ready to train.

Mill City Dance Fitness reserves the right to cancel any membership without refund if a student is not following our policies.

For More Information or to Register, Please contact us! or 508-933-5324
No Spectators are allowed during any session.